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About Resun Colour Pigment

Tianjin Resun Colour Pigment Co., Ltd. is a professional producer of high performance specialty colourants in China. Established in 1998 and based on 3 production sites located in Shandong, Jiangsu and Zhejiang provinces, Tianjin Resun Colour Pigment Co., Ltd. produces high quality organic pigments for wide range of industrial colouring purposes. Resun Colour Pigment is proud to serve a broad base of customers in over 25 countries for the application in Plastics, Printing Inks, Paints & Coatings and Textile Printing.

Resun Colour Pigment primarily focus on plastic application in terms of Masterbatch and Compounds industry. Equipped with a full-functional Pigment Application Technical Center and Masterbatch Laboratory, Resun Colour Pigment has become one of the most professional pigment producers and exporters in plastic industry.


Besides organic pigments, Resun Colour Pigment is also active in Masterbatch production. Resun Colour's masterbatch factory has 11 production lines of color masterbatch and with production output 5,800MT in 2016, which is among the Top 5 color masterbatch factories in China. A new factory specialized in Black Masterbatch was established in 2016 with production capacity at 30,000MT of various grades Black Masterbatches.

Why choose Resun Colour Pigment?
The consistent quality of raw material is the vital factor to industrial production. The pigments with unstable quality makes unquantifiable losses to customers in both money and reputation. We understand the importance of quality consistency and therefore emphasis on quality as the top priority to ensure each & every shipment to exactly match customers' standards.

Resun Colour Pigment has built up customers' confidence in consistantly high quality products because we believe quality is the key of successful business and we give no compromise in quality. We also believe customer's satisfaction is our No.1 value and we pursue long-term cooperation. Our commitment is to supply the high quality pigments to our customers. wit



How do we control quanlty?
Resun Colour Pigment's continuous improvement is based on the experienced teamwork and strict quality control system. The high-quality products and economical prices are guaranteed by efficient order processing and complete technical control systems ranging from intensive laboratory R&D research to strict in-plant batch-to-batch tests before shipment.

As an ISO 9001:2008 and ISO 14001:2004 certified company as well as the member of China Masterbatch Professional Association, Resun Colour Pigment consistently supplies high performance products matching with customers' standards and production conditions. Through the constant response to the various applications in the market, Resun Colour Pigment strives to improve the performance of our products by applying the highest quality standard.



  • We test every lot of products before shipment in order to measure up customers' standard
    We evaluate all products by test methods commonly used by customers in their production
    We file the lab test report of every lot for at least 6 months for quality trace
    We do not allow goods lower than standard or with "marginal" quality to be shipped to customers
    We provide technical support to customers to optimize material performance


Our Mission

We endeavor to understand our customer's needs and offer the high quality products to our customers. We also set a strong level of commitment to corporative and social responsibility by complete conformance to environment and safety standards. The mission of Resun Colour Pigment is to satisfy customers by meeting their requirements with continuous improvement in quality and services.